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Beck's Broth

Hot Chocolate Individual Sachet

Hot Chocolate Individual Sachet

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Hot Chocolate that is deeply nourishing and decadent. With a rich, creamy texture that will satisfy sweet cravings, we’ve supercharged our Hot Chocolate, making it as delicious as it is nutritious. Fill your cup with 14g of clean protein to nourish your body and support gut health.

It’s all the benefits of bone broth in a deliciously drinkable format designed to help you relax. 

Each sachet contains one serving.

Beef bone broth powder, Sugars (maple sugar), Cacao powder, Sea salt

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Customer Reviews

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Maryna Burrows
Satisfies all the cravings!

I stumbled upon Becks Broth Hot Chocolate and holy %&*ordered more right after the first sip. Not only is it nourishing but I drink it to settle down for the night and best of all I am able to share this with my toddler!

Perfect for a Busy mama!

I now keep a stash of at least 10 of these in my kitchen for days when I need a little extra protein boost, or let’s be honest; anytime really. Love to sip on it when I take my kids to their weekly activities to keep me full and satiated. The rich chocolate taste is unreal! Beck has nailed this combination.
This is what hot chocolate should taste like.

Indulge in a warm hug with every sip

For a long time, I had given up on hot chocolate because it's never quite lived up to my standards. But then I discovered Beck's Broths – and it changed everything for me. The delicious bone broth adds a protein-rich twist to the classic drink, creating a genius combo. The perfect balance of sweetness and flavour has left me enamoured, and I treasure each packet like it’s gold. I look forward to savoring it in a cozy setting during the colder months while also nourishing my body with healthy nutrients. It's like a special treat that you save for a special occasion – only this one is meant to be enjoyed more often!